Today is an exciting day at our cottage, not that I’m currently there to experience it.  For now, I’m stranded at a local hotel.  Why?  Today, BeachBoy is putting the finish on the floors!

Here is what they looked like when I left this morning.  I escaped just before he broke out the fumes. (He looked adorable in his mask, by the way, and I’m certain he was playing DarthVader.)


(It’s worth noting that this is the first time the breakfast room window has ever (no, really….ever) been opened.  BeachBoy broke out the crow bar because he was so desperate for ventilation.  I’m pretty sure it’s ruined, but it’s as old as the house, so…..)


(This isn’t where the fridge will stay, but it’s the best he could move it on his own.  (I’m of no help at the moment.)  For now, he’ll finish all around it.  Once the floors cure, he’ll move it and finish that area.  Classy.  But, we’re in a pinch.  The fridge actually goes on the left hand wall.)


For me, this has been the most exciting step so far.  I think it’s because I know that once the floors have cured, we can start putting in CABINETS.  Oh, happy day!

I’ve braced myself for the fact that the details themselves won’t be done.  For now, I’ll just be thrilled to have doorless cabinets in the room.  That’s so much more than this momma could ever have imagined.

34+ weeks….time is running short, and there’s a house to reclaim and a nursery to start!  Really, who needs cabinet doors and trim?? Not me!


Yesterday, BeachBoy started tearing out the walls.  (Apparently, it’s not a good idea for me to have a sledgehammer, too. Hmmm.)  I think it was good for him because his mood was certainly improved after three hours of slugging away at the walls.














We’re dealing with three kinds of walls: plaster, drywall, and those which were doubled up with both.  It’s going to be a long process.  But, it will be worth the mess.














Meanwhile, we’ve been refining our plans.  Once we were told that we had to take the space down to the joists and studs, we decided to carry our work into the small, nameless room that’s off the breakfast room.  It has water damage and is certainly in need.  So, it seemed like now was the time. Why weather this storm twice?

We’ve long planned to make that our library, but BeachBoy suggested we use it for a large laundry and mud room instead. What a luxury for a gal who’s been doing laundry out of a closet and folding it on the bed for nearly 5 years!  I’ll be posting plans and the design board ASAP.  🙂