Right now, the kitchen looks a little something like this.





The base cabinets you see aren’t actually installed.  They’re just holding the spots.  The cabinet above the fridge needs to be adjusted, as does the panel between it and the pantry. 

BUT, it’s progress.

With the baby “due” in 2 weeks, every little bit of progress is a celebration.

As we set the base cabinets around the room, we discovered a few issues:

1. The plumbing for the sink was in the wrong spot.  $$$

2. The outlet for the dishwasher was in the wrong spot (and was a live wire instead of an outlet.)  $$$

3. The outlet for the range was in the wrong spot.  $$$

4. The gas line for the range is too far from the wall.  $$$

Are you seeing a pattern?  Oh, if I could only have ten minutes alone with our former contractor.  I have some things to settle! 

We had a lovely electrician out yesterday to correct some of the issues, and BeachBoy has been trying his hand at the plumbing for the last two weeks.

My one request:  can I please, please, please have a functioning sink before the baby is born?  That’s really all I ask.