Boy, oh boy have we been busy over here!

This week, I met with the contractor for a final estimate on the library (which has morphed into a master bedroom redo as well…but more on that later).  We also had a great camping trip and finished up repainting the guest room in the midst of my deciding to refinish 6 pieces of furniture.  (Yes, 6.) And the garden?  Well, it has kept me hopping! Let’s just say it was a crazy mess around here for a few days.

MONTHS ago, I started purchasing things for our guest room.  Then, progress stopped when work grew busy and zapped my creative energy.  Now that summer is in full swing, I’m back to my scheming.

So, guest room is nearly done, and I thought I’d show you the progress we’ve made.  It’s not grand, but it is much better than its orange-walled former self.  (Really, who picked the colors in this house?)

Come on in, ya'll!

The nightstands are waiting on me to swap out the top knobs again. I don't like the small ones and plan to fit them with oversized ones like I put on the dresser.

My favorite thing in the new room is the dresser.  I picked up the dresser/mirror set at Goodwill for $40 last year.  One drawer front had fallen off  and the others were loose.  But, after some quick repairs and my beloved chalk paint (love you, Annie Sloan!) it’s as good as new.  I adore it, and I love that it was so cheap.

Annie Sloan's chalk paint: old white and old ochre with clear wax.  I painted the nightstands the same way, and the paint was a dream to work with!

I'm planning to put a leaning mirror to the left of the closet, but I just haven't been able to find one I love. Wouldn't it be nice to have a full view of yourself before leaving your guest room in the morning?

So, what’s on my to do list? Well, I’ll be messing with arranging the shelves from now until forever.  But, besides that and putting the larger knobs on the nightstands, I also need to find my dream leaning mirror and build doors for the bottom portion of the cabinets.  I want closed storage down there, for sure.  I have most of my supplies gathered for that project and can’t wait to start!  Really, though, what I most long for is to refinish the floors.  But that’s certainly a project for later.


Well, I’m finally taking time to post the painted headboard and the new night stands in our not-so-guest room.  The headboard was a breeze to paint.  Goodbye fake speckled brass, hello coziness!

Committing with the bed color was a no brainer.  The night stands, however, are still in need of paint and hardware.  Badly in need, that is.  However, I just can’t decide which way to go.  I want something neutral enough that it will work when the bedding changes (which is frequent around here), but I also want the surface to be safe for daily use.  (BeachBoy WILL put a coasterless cup on his stand.)I’ve even considered painting the base and leaving the wood finish on the top, for practicality.  But…I’m more inclined to form over function.  😉  So, I’m stuck.

As you can tell, I also haven't hung the overhead light yet. I won't tell you how long it's been in the box. Ahem.

This room also happens to be the only room in the house which doesn’t have freshly painted walls and trim.  I’ve tackled every other room since we moved in, but because this room has a wall of built in bookshelves, I kept pushing it down on the to do list.  Oh, the hassle! 

Are they in need of a facelift or what?

Soon, the walls will be Nantucket Dune (Sherwain WIlliams).

What to do, what to do….