Our first Spring in our cottage brought us a lovely surprise.  Our shady back yard had plagued us with weeds and dead patches all year long.  And, then, one day we woke up to this:

Spring at Squirrel Cottage

Every year since we’ve looked forward to these most welcomed Sprinbg guests.

This  year, I cut some to carry inside.  I simply couldn’t resist.


Today was a gorgeous day, so I enjoyed a walk through our neighborhood.  Here are a few details I captured along the way. 

This cottage warms my small-home-loving heart.

The home above/below has been completely transformed since we moved to town four years ago.  I remember when it looked as if it would soon be condemned.  THe roof had fallen in in places, and the home was in a state of total disprepair.  I’m so glad a loving owner have taken it into her heart.

Since moving to town, I”ve dreamed of restoring this little white cottage.

This darling home was for sale when we bought our cottage, and everytime I walk past it, my heart still hurts a little bit.

The owners of this blue cedar cottagae invited us to tour their yard one night when we were out walking.  The back is a lovely, enchanted garden.

This stately white cottage is BeachBoy’s favorite.

It’s hard to look good when you live next door to a house this cute!

My nextdoor neighbor has a stunning hard.  Here’s a little peek through the fence.

Living just off the square is both charming and convenient.  There were more houses to photograph than I had the battery power for today.  I’m sure I’ll be making another round in a few weeks when the gardens begin to bloom.