The bad news?

We have a monster leak in the kitchen….and it’s U.G.L.Y.


The good news?

The plan for the new kitchen (since we have to gut) is ready to go!















Here’s a quick look at the current plan.

-Ramsjo Cabinets

-Open shelving for my cookbooks (yay!)

-Wood counters (a nod to our cottage)

– Marble Backsplash

-Farm Sink

-Mixed Hardware Styles

-Sconces to brighten the place up


Really, what makes me smile?

1. Getting rid of the water problem, rotten cabinets and all

2. Putting the dishwasher in a location where you can use it and the range (or it and a drawer) at the same time

3. Cabinets that don’t have attack drawers that fall out on your feet!!

4. Hiding the seldom-used microwave

5. FOOD STORAGE (we have none, presently)…oh, let’s just say storage in general while we’re at it ¬†ūüėČ


Let the work begin! ¬†Next week will be spent working on the kitchen, if things go as planned (around here, they never do…)


What an exciting weekend it was at our little cottage! 

On Saturday, we met with a contractor in order to obtain estimates for the many to-do’s on our list.¬†For once, it looks as if our dollars will stretch farther than we had anticipated.¬† What a lovely feeling that is!¬† As a result, we’re now considering a kitchen remodel.¬†

I’ve been playing around with Ikea’s wonderful kitchen design program.¬† We are considering using their cabinets as a starting place for the kitchen and having a few custom sizes made to match, in order to best utilize our space.¬†

¬†Here is an overview of one of the plans I’m considering.

Also on the project list?

  • Finishing work in the main bathroom
  • Remodling the petite master bath (I have my eyes set on honed marble.)
  • New walls, floors, and a raised ceiling in the library (bookshelves, too!)
  • Adding a set of interior french doors between the master bedroom and the library
  • Closing off an existing doorway between the master bedroom and kitchen
  • Refinishing all of the hardwood floors

Here are a few inspiration pictures.

AJC- Heinz Properties

Doors between the master bedroom and library


Kitchen Sink Cabinetry. I’d also like to mimic this detail on the shelving in the library. I hope to find some old windows to incorportate into the bookcases, as well.

Ikea Fans (brickmanhouse)

Ikea Cabinetry



Full wall of tile around the kitchen window


Hutch-styled cabinetry in the kitchen

This weekend, I found a great table on Craigslist.¬† It’s actually a coffee table, but the size is just right for a kitchen island.¬† I’ll be taking it off of the low base and putting it on a new one, turning it into an island.¬† What a steal this will be!

Craigslist Find: This $85 coffee table is about to become my new kitchen island.