I’m worse than Walmart.  It’s not even Halloween yet, and I’m already I’m planning for Christmas.

Or, maybe the real problem is that I went shopping for Halloween supplies at Walmart last night and walked through the Christmas section to get to where I had to be.  Yes, that’s probably it… 

Either way, I’m thinking of Christmas.

Christmas is THE holiday for my extended family, particularly for my dad.  So, it comes as no surprise to me that I have an internal need to begin a Christmas tradition now that BeachBoy and I (3 Christmases into our marriage this year) are finally feeling settled in our first real home. 

And then I thought….What better way for a baking maniac to celebrate Christmas than with a cookie exchange! 

So, the planned has kicked off, and I wanted to share with you some things I’ve found along the way.


Cookie Exchange Ideas

I have to start with Robin’s Cookie Exchange as her rules made me giggle. 

Does that scare you like it scared me?  There is a lighter version of a planning time line at AllRecipes.

OK, I’ll be honest.  When it comes to planning, I prefer to think of the “cute” side of things instead of the logistic.  So, at the moment, my thoughts are of cookie containers and decorations.  Here are a few ideas.



Mulling Sachets

These mulling spices would make a great favor.


Right now, I’m considering making centering the party around an afternoon tea, since that’s what people who actually have cold weather drink in December. 

white and pastel dining room

green and white place setting

Close-up of red white Noel table setting

white hydrangea flower table centerpiece

close up of table with Christmas decorations

candy cane vase

I’d love to do an all white event.

More thoughts to come…