I have a very difficult time walking out of a bookstore without a cookbook.  Just yesterday, I had to leave two at the store, and it nearly broke my heart.  I was without a pen to jot down the names of them, and I was certain I’d never locate them a second time.  But, three new books have found their way into my kitchen in the last week, so I’m all smiles tonight.

I’ve fallen in love with the earthiness of Harvest. Sure, many of the recipes are ones I’d list as “common sense,” but others are a fun combination of flavors.  Besides, for me, the draw of a book is as much the inspiration it creates as it is the actual recipes.  And, this book is full of inspiration.  The photography is gorgeous, and as soon as I opened the cover, I felt at home in this family’s kitchen.  My favorite line of the book is “Give the bird a good whacking.”  How can I resist someone so charming? 

Tonight, I tried out the tomato and brie tart recipe in order to use up some overripe friends in my fridge.  And, I promise you, if you can mash butter with your hands

and slice a few tomatoes, you can cook from this book. 

It’s charming, really.  You should look it up the next time you’re in the bookstore.  For me, it was just the dose of pickmeup I needed to start the new year.