It’s only February, and already I’m dreaming of this year’s herb garden.  When we moved into our cottage, the very first thing I planted was a small herb garden.  But, over the last few years, I’ve outgrown it.  Between cuttings for the house and for cooking, I need more than it’s producing.  With the food changes we are making this year (more on that later), I know I’m going to need much more space for my garden.  So, I’ve been hunting for inspiration!

I LOVE the baskets in this photo from Dotcomwomen!


I dream of a large, lush garden like this one from Eden's Path.


I'm a huge fan of garden "rooms," but that's probably not in this year's forecast.


I have two large containers like this that I picked up from the paint department last year. Maybe they'll make their way into the herb garden this spring.


Herb Garden Passion


Herbs make me smile.  Nothing beats the scent they leave around your house or the taste fresh cuttings add to your dishes.  But, equally important to me is how cute the garden is as I sit and enjoy it from the window.  I can’t wait to plan a new marking system for this year’s crop!  It’s a great way to add a touch of whimsy to the space each year. 

 For fun markers for your herb garden, look here, here, and here.