Well, it’s official.  I have the bug.  I am itching for cooler weather, fleece pull overs, and cute fall shoes.  I *might* have done a little too much fall shopping yesterday.  You can justify it when you’re wearing a new (smaller, yes!!) size, right?  Riiight.

Because I just couldn’t’ wait any longer, I made some small adjustments to the living room for fall.  I just love the way my new-to-me sampler pulls in fall colors so quietly.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for October!  Our street goes ALL OUT for Halloween, so I’ll get to switch up the mantle again with some Halloween goodies.  Holidays are so helpful for an ADD decorator like me.

In other Fix-Up news, I’ve started in on the master bedroom project.  It looks a little something like this around here:
















Nice, right?

Add to that a touch of:
















It’s okay though. Everything is totally under control.  I think.  Well, maybe not.  I’m a one woman show here, so it could get hairy.

BUT…. I have a vision, so it will be fine.

Speaking of my vision.  I just might post that for you.

What’s new at your place for fall?