Boxes. For four and a half years, I’ve been trying to out run and out smart our boxes.














Every time we move (we’ve been in three places in four and a half years), I sort through everything we have and purge.  I cart things to Goodwill by the carload. I throw things in the trash.

How is it then, that we still have a storage room full of boxes?

This weekend, while most people enjoyed picnics and parades in honor of the holiday, BeachBoy and I packed boxes.  You see, the building I teach in is being remodeled this summer, and we are required to pack up everything, down to the stubbiest pencil, and move it out in boxes.  What a daunting task that is for a teacher who has spent years building an expansive classroom library.  It’s worse still when you are told the very limited time frame in which you have to complete this great task. We had two choices: give up the next two weekends or miss the deadline.

After day two of packing in the classroom, we took our first load to storage.  What a site it was when we opened the door to the storage room!  As I squeezed the new boxes into the space and sifted through the old ones in search of our summer clothes (they don’t fit in our TINY closet), I came to a decision.  After all the work I’ve put into cleaning up my health and my habits, shouldn’t I also clean up my boxes? YES! How else can I really lighten up my life?

I’m going to commit to selling no less than 90% of what is in boxes.  The remaining portion will be books (awaiting shelves in our library-in-progress) and a few seasonal items.

This summer will be the Great Clean Out of 2011. We will be done with boxes once and for all.  Won’t you join me and kick your boxes for good, too?