Last weekend, Beachboy and I enjoyed an impromptu trip to California.  It was a refreshing getaway from work and a wonderful chance to give each other our undivided attention.

Now, I know most people go to the coast to see the ocean.  But this girl goes to the beach to see the COTTAGES! I simply adore beach cottages, no matter the size or style.  I’d inhabit one if I could, but the “tear down” cottage we saw while there was listed at $7.8 million. So, there won’t be a waterfront cottage in my future anytime soon!

What really struck me about the California coast was the lack of salty air.  You couldn’t smell the ocean.  Instead, you smelled the roses.  Everyone there had roses, and the scent drifted all around you.  It was absolutely divine. 

This is a street of dreams!

One thing is for sure, these cottages are begging me to return when I have time to explore with more leisure.