Well, I’m finally taking time to post the painted headboard and the new night stands in our not-so-guest room.  The headboard was a breeze to paint.  Goodbye fake speckled brass, hello coziness!

Committing with the bed color was a no brainer.  The night stands, however, are still in need of paint and hardware.  Badly in need, that is.  However, I just can’t decide which way to go.  I want something neutral enough that it will work when the bedding changes (which is frequent around here), but I also want the surface to be safe for daily use.  (BeachBoy WILL put a coasterless cup on his stand.)I’ve even considered painting the base and leaving the wood finish on the top, for practicality.  But…I’m more inclined to form over function.  😉  So, I’m stuck.

As you can tell, I also haven't hung the overhead light yet. I won't tell you how long it's been in the box. Ahem.

This room also happens to be the only room in the house which doesn’t have freshly painted walls and trim.  I’ve tackled every other room since we moved in, but because this room has a wall of built in bookshelves, I kept pushing it down on the to do list.  Oh, the hassle! 

Are they in need of a facelift or what?

Soon, the walls will be Nantucket Dune (Sherwain WIlliams).

What to do, what to do….