Thanks to Sugar and Spice for the Stylish Blogger Award! What a surprise that was!

Once the award is given, the recipient shares their favorite recently discovered blogs and 7 personal facts…so….here goes!

1. Just this evening, I posted about 1/2 of our furniture on Craigslist. NO KIDDING!

2.I only get my hair cut once a year.  After years of searching, I finally found a stylist skilled at cutting my curly hair, but she’s expensive!  Yeah, I’m cheap.  I tell BeachBoy I cut it infrequently for him.  He likes it long, and I like it short.

3. BeachBoy and I became engaged a month after we started dating, and we married 4 months after that. He was worth keeping, for sure!

4. I recently ordered The Bread Bible and Beard on Bread and plan to learn to make breads that I can someday sell at our local market.

5. At the end of April, BeachBoy and I are running a 10 mile race in Big Sur, and I haven’t started training yet.  OK, to be fair, I probably never will start training.  I’m really in it for the cute cottages.

6. We live life without TV, and I LOVE it!

7.  We’ve gone local! BeachBoy and I have signed up to purchase all of our Spring and Summer produce from local farmers. (More news on that later)

Now, for the interesting part! Here are some of my recent finds.  (I’m slow, so they may not be new to you.)

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