A year or two ago, BeachBoy and I toured Southern Living’s Georgia Idea House.  We were both quite surprised to find that we liked the designer’s subtle use of wallpaper. 

Southern Living

So, fast forward to the call I made to my mother following the trip.

ST: Oh, the house was lovely.  Beachboy wants to use the same blue woven wallpaper in our bedroom some day. It reminded us of our trip to Savannah.

Mom: Are you crazy?! NEVER put wallpaper in your house! You will live to regret it.


These, of course, were words of wisdom spoken by the same woman I watched hang and tear down 4 different of patterns of wallpaper in one kitchen during my childhood.  She hated every one of them, ducks, flowers, and all.  And, I must admit, I hated them too.


HOWEVER, I do have an interest  in subtler, woven papers.  So, imagine my curiosity when I noticed One Kings Lane’s latest email in my inbox, tempting me with Kenneth James’ wallpaper.  I had to open it.

I then HAD to buy a roll…

or 2.

I’ve been hard at work on a design for the library (which I’ll get around to posting soon), and this paper seemed like the perfect fit.  It actually begged me to buy it.  I heard it.

Now, don’t panic.  I’m not planning to paper the entire room….but I’ll let you in on the paper plan later.  For now, I just need to basque in the excitement of my first purchase for the space.  *sigh*