Due to its age, our house has a choppy layout.  The rooms are separated not with large casings but with narrow doorways, complete with doors that no longer fit closed.  We suspect the master bedroom was once a den, and we know that the library was once a back porch. 

I recently threw some lines on the tax record sketch our county has on file, a poor attempt to help myself find other ways to make our home work more efficiently for us.  Perhaps it will also help you have a sense of what’s what when looking at the photos I post from time to time. 

Will seeing it on paper again suddently solve the many problems we face?  Absolutely not.  However, tonight, I’m arming myself with my sketchpad and the words of Melanie over at Humble Pie. 

“My sister taught me something that has helped me with making this 60s split a beautiful, inviting home for my family. She taught me that you can live in the most meager of houses but if it’s decorated cute then no one will notice.  So I’ve worked to decorate it really cute. 🙂

I also read on a blog recently (I have no idea where but it stuck with me) about a girl who wanted to simplify her life, pare down her belongings and move. But she found that as she simplified and pared down she didn’t have to move after all. That she could make her house exactly how she wanted.”

Perhaps I should also dig out my copy of The Little Engine that Could. 

Here is a space which inspired me today. I’ve been dreaming of a double desk in the library.