What an exciting weekend it was at our little cottage! 

On Saturday, we met with a contractor in order to obtain estimates for the many to-do’s on our list. For once, it looks as if our dollars will stretch farther than we had anticipated.  What a lovely feeling that is!  As a result, we’re now considering a kitchen remodel. 

I’ve been playing around with Ikea’s wonderful kitchen design program.  We are considering using their cabinets as a starting place for the kitchen and having a few custom sizes made to match, in order to best utilize our space. 

 Here is an overview of one of the plans I’m considering.

Also on the project list?

  • Finishing work in the main bathroom
  • Remodling the petite master bath (I have my eyes set on honed marble.)
  • New walls, floors, and a raised ceiling in the library (bookshelves, too!)
  • Adding a set of interior french doors between the master bedroom and the library
  • Closing off an existing doorway between the master bedroom and kitchen
  • Refinishing all of the hardwood floors

Here are a few inspiration pictures.

AJC- Heinz Properties

Doors between the master bedroom and library


Kitchen Sink Cabinetry. I’d also like to mimic this detail on the shelving in the library. I hope to find some old windows to incorportate into the bookcases, as well.

Ikea Fans (brickmanhouse)

Ikea Cabinetry



Full wall of tile around the kitchen window


Hutch-styled cabinetry in the kitchen

This weekend, I found a great table on Craigslist.  It’s actually a coffee table, but the size is just right for a kitchen island.  I’ll be taking it off of the low base and putting it on a new one, turning it into an island.  What a steal this will be!

Craigslist Find: This $85 coffee table is about to become my new kitchen island.