Why is it than when you are waist deep in a project, you suddenly start to think perhaps you should just quit?

My sewing machine is finally up and running again, so yesterday I started to actually work on the slipcovers for our living room chairs.  The first one isn’t done yet, but I look at it and think, “How ugly. I should quit.”  And, then I think, “No, I should have done THIS instead.  Then again, do I hate it because it’s in that unfinished ugly-duckling stage, because I’m not in the mood to finish today, because my house is covered in scraps and lint, because I haven’t tidied up the seams yet, or because I could really just use some lunch.  Who knows?

mess in progress

Regardless, I stopped for a break.

Of course, first I tossed some pillows on it to try to convince myself that I only hate it because it’s not finished. 


That didn’t work.

 One thing is for certain, though.  I’ve never liked these round chairs, and now I hate their curves even more.

When all else fails: go hang some curtains.