Since I stumbled upon these dish towels at TJ Maxx, I’ve been dying to get started on a sewing project they inspired. 

For now, I’ll keep a lid on what I’m making since it’s a gift, but here’s a preview of what’s happening at my house.

And while we’re talking about stitches, here’s a look at a project I did today.  My sewing travel basket was in need of some personality.  Plus, I grew tired of chasing pieces around the car when they snuck out the bottom of the basket.  Solution: basket liner.

The basket was a cheapie ($3) from Walmart, and  I picked up the fabric from the remnant section (2 dollars for 1 and 3/4 yd). The bow is a stand in until I decide what I really want on the side.  I’m thinking something metal… perhaps some sort of tag…