As we prepare to list the house for sale, BeachBoy and I are considering a remodel of the master bathroom.  A previous owner updated it very poorly.  With it being such a tiny space, it seems important that it shine. I’d like it to be consistent with the bathroom we’re currently working on, yet a step above it in terms of polish. 

My inspiration is a long-time favorite of mine from Brooke at Velvet and Linen.  The layout is very similar to our own bathroom, and the materials are in line with what I’ve been considering. You can see her gorgeous creation here.

I love the look of marble wainscoting.  Here are a few more inspiration shots.

from GardenWeb

from Decor Pad

I would like to wrap the room, shower included, with marble subway tile.  The walls above that would be painted white to match the white tile I’d use for the top portion of the shower.  I’d love to use this tile from Mission Stone and Tile.

Perhaps arabesque seems like an unlikely selection.  My reasoning is twofold.  First, I fell in love with this tile a year or so ago and have been dreaming of using it somewhere. Secondly, when we demolished the main bathroom, we discovered that the original floor tile was arabesque (yellow and white speckled, damaged beyond salvaging). I’d like to pay tribute to that somehow.

Where I’m torn is the floor.  I think the shower and floor should have the same tile because the space is so small.  However, I’m worried that the small tile necessary for a nonslip shower would make our tiny bathroom appear even smaller.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.