Last summer, I spent some time planning our soon-to-be library.  I’ve always dreamed of having a home library, nothing big, just a little nook carved out as a cozy place to relish a good book. 

Then, a roofer stepped through the ceiling, and we got a bit of a reality check.  The budget shifted from shelves to new drywall and flooring for the room. 

Then, we got another surprise.  Someone started smuggling lawn equipment out of our (doorless) out building. 

Brace yourself. This…well, this is my dream-in-waiting today:

The closest thing  to a book in my now future library turned garden shed is a set of directions that came with our new vessel sink.

Ah, but someday…

Someday there will be room to read, a cozy chair, a writing desk.  Someday there will be a wall of books, standing ready.  And, until then, I will continue planning the dream.

(Coastal Living)

While browsing Ballard Designs a few weeks ago, their new shoe storage units caught my eye.  I have officially found the design inspiration for the book cases in the library!  How fabulous!

(BeachBoy called it a “shoe shrine” when I shared the picture with him.  But, I know he would be secretly thrilled if our shoes were organized in something so lovely.  I don’t have to wonder.  I know.  I know because our house was built in 1940 and is nearly closetless. As for our books, well, a shelf is a shelf to him.)