This weekend, BeachBoy and I were lucky enough to meet two new friends. They are terribly sweet and sincere, and I feel lucky to have met such great Christian people.

 Over dinner, they shared of their time spent living in another country, where because of the dirt streets and running a business in their home while working full time, they hired a maid.  It was a necessity to keep the dirt out of the public business as the patrons drug it in on their shoes.  And, it kept the husband fed while the wife worked and he tended to customers.   Having a housekeeper was the norm in their country.  Nevertheless, being born and raised in the states ( a southern state, at that), she found it difficult to have someone else maintain the home. 

I found this very interesting.   What makes us, as women, feel the way we do about our homes?

I completely understood how she must’ve felt. The men, of course, thought we were crazy.  Why WOULDN’T you want a housekeeper?

Well, sure, that’s easy enough for them to say.  But, really, I wouldn’t.  Yes,  there are days when I”m tired and wish for a laundry-folding fairy-godmother after being on my feet at work for 12 hours, but I really wouldn’t feel right hiring someone to help around the house  (despite the fact that I work full time plus after hours.)

I can’t explain it really, but it would make me twitch.  Perhaps I would feel BeachBoy would see me as less capable.  Or maybe I just can’t give in to the fact that you  can’t do everything in life without help.  But, I’ve always said, “If you need a maid, one of three things has happened.  (Physical prblems aside) You are either overbooking your life, living in a larger house than you can manage, or too lazy to tend to it.”  I need to be careful of all three. 

Really.  There’s laundry in the front bedroom waiting to be folded.