BeachBoy and I live in the historic district, so we are surrounded by gorgeous homes.  For example…

Or, for those who prefer the haunted look…


Meanwhile, our house (while old) was built around 1940.  So, compared to the beautiful giants, our cottage is rather….bland.  Among it’s many misfortunes is a 7 x 14 room at the rear of the house which was once a porch. 

Since we moved in 2 years ago, it has been a storage space (while unpacking), a project room (while painting), an office for BeachBoy (set up at least 3 different ways over time), and a den for evening TV sessions. 

Currently, the TV is gone, but it still houses the couch, ottoman, side table, and entry table.  It’s what I like to call a PROJECT. 

So, I’ve decided to turn our little mess into a gem of a library.  Yeah, the location is odd, but it has a large window overlooking the backyard.  And, if I get my wish, it will soon have a new door (french) to let in even more light. 

As wonderful as BeachBoy is, building cabinets and shelving is not on his to-do list…ever.  So, I’m going to have to fake the built in library.

Enter IKEA.

I’m convinced that with a few Billy bookcases, some creativity, and a lot of patience, I can fake a lovely little library, even if I do have to work around the couch for a few more months. 

OK, so a real Georgian would hire out some fancy carpenter to build replicas of the shelves in the other rooms of the house.  But, I’m not from here.  Plus, I’m on a budget.  We’ll see what happens…