Around here, baby showers seem to provide only two options:

1. show up with a gorgeous outfit from an expensive baby boutique

2. make a fabulous smocked or knitted outfit that looks like option 1





Well, let’s just say that I learned the hard way.  As a result, for two years now, I’ve dreamed of learning to smock.  I’ve even had motivation- I’m gaining a neice in just 4 short weeks.  Alas, it’s not something you learn from a book.  The pictures don’t help enough, and they all assume you know certain key steps.

Sooooo….for the two upcoming babies in my piece of the world, I’m turning to Simplicity (in more ways than one!).  If you can’t make something southern, make something vintage!


I’ve also been wanting to make baby booties, since happening upon this pattern last year.  So, I’ll be adapting a 3rd Simplicity pattern using some of Heather’s darling ideas. Check out this Flickr group for more cute shoes than you can imagine!

I’ll be sure to post the finished dresses and shoes soon!