At last, summer break is here!  To me, that means one thing: the gift of time.  Time to be a wife again. Time to be home. Time to get things accomplished.  Time to cook.

The great challenge we’ve discovered since moving here is avoiding the “Southern Comfort Food” trap, and boy is that tough! When you add that to the fact that life here moves at a slower pace, we’ve found ourselves expanding.

fried chicken

BeachBoy and I love to meal plan, but during the school year meals have to be fast.  It’s unusual for me to get home before 6:30, and when I do finally make it home, we’re both starving.  So, summer break is a long-awaited time of rest for us.  It affords us the chance to enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. 

Since I’ve been hitting the gym with a friend for the past few months and I’m trying to help BeachBoy along, too, my goal for the summer is to keep our meals light and healthy.  Heavy foods keep us from running in the evenings, which is not good!

So…here is the menu for the week, beginning on Thursday due to my shopping schedule:

  • Thursday- Spianch and herb salad tossed with strawberries, pepper jack cheese, and herb grilled chicken; half a baked potato each; squash casserole (because the one lonely squash was near death. ha!)
  • Friday- Tilapia with lemon parsley sauce over whole grain rice blend; italian style green beans
  • Saturday- Fiesta party with friends from church!
  • Sunday- Parsley chicken, fresh fruit, garden salad
  • Monday- Grilled pork loin with mango salsa; garden salad; sauteed zuchinni
  • Tuesday- Greek salad; mini grilled pitas with tomato and olive pate
  • Wednesday (meatless day)- 5 bean soup (crock pot day since I’m headed to work); french bread

(I suppose I should note that when we have chicken, BeachBoy and I split a breast.  On pork nights, we have one thin-cut boneless chop each or one thin slice of loin.  As for fish, we eat one filet each.  Limiting meats to decent portions is tough!)