Well, it’s official.  BeachBoy told me I could plant a rose garden.  Better yet, he has agreed to help!


Now, if it would just stop raining…

Since we moved into our cottage nearly 2 years ago, I’ve been dreaming of planting a rose garden, and little by little, I’ve snuck rose bushes into the back yard to help satisfy my longings.  Now that I have official permission, I’ve set my sights on planning a beautiful space with all the charm of the rose garden of the 100+ year old home across the street.  


I’ve already hit the web in search of ideas, flowers, and plans.  I want to incorporate the fence as well as plan for a future arbor.  I recently spent time exploring the David Austin site and fell in love with several of the “Old Roses” featured.  They would work beautifully in our backyard as our cottage is nestled into the historic district.  Perhaps it’s backward, but I’d like to pick out several of the roses before drawing up the plans.  I’m contemplating incorporating my beloved peonies as well. 

Here are a few of last year’s blooms…