I must admit, with somewhat pink cheeks, that there were MANY vegetables I hadn’t heard of prior to moving here.  

Today, while visiting with my brother who was in town for a flight layover, I , I laughed at the fact that he, too, was a bit of a vegetable virgin.  As he asked what several of the vegetables on the menu actually were, I started to wonder how many I discovered during my first months here.


First, there are the beans…or peas.  I had NO idea there were so many kids.




-Lima and baby lima

-Purple Hull




The list seems endless around here.  I always thought there were two kinds: baked and soup.  At least, those were the only two kinds served in our house!   I’m still trying to recover from the fact that they eat them with RICE around here.  There is something very strange about that.


“What are those?” he asked as a waitress walked by.  Ahhhh, how could I leave out the greens.  I never realized people ate these, and I certainly hadn’t heard of them.  The only place I’d seen spinach was on old episodes of PopEye!






Then, there are all of the other random veggie friends.



-Squash in so many forms and so often casserole

-Tomatoes, just sliced and sitting on your plate



So, how is it that I managed to escape the plight of vegetable consumption as a child?  My mother only made two kinds, as my brother and I laughed today: corn and green beans.  On occasion, she made a third, hominy, but as he said at lunch, “It’s really just another type of corn!”

This is the advantage of being raised by someone who doesn’t like veggies!   Thanks, Mom!