Day 1: Ultimate Fall Cleaning Challenge


The only non-bedroom closet in our home besides our linen closet is the laundry closet, located in the breakfast room.  For some time, I’ve been asking BeachBoy to stack the washer and dryer to allow for shelving.  But, my personal motto with home projects is: when at first you don’t succeed (with asking)…do it yourself. 

So, today I tackled the laundry closet, installing two additional shelves and completing the task of organizing everything. 

Now two weeks into having BeachBoy’s father living with us, and after the resulting choas of a party, our laundry space looked like this when I started this morning:

Without a doubt, it was a disaster.  But, I couldn’t help but see the potential of the unused space.  So, I started the task of taking EVERYTHING out (thus destroying my kitchen).

Then, I hung two more shelves, which I purchased at Lowes and had cut to size.

BeachBoy would tell you I simply wanted an excuse to use the drill again since I’m rather addicted to it.  But, really, what house doesn’t need more shelves?

These Anchor-Hocking jars were next on my list.  I filled t hem with all of my baking supplies and marked them accordingly.  I can’t help it.  I hate the look of packaged food. 

Then it was on to the cleaning supplies.

Finally, some plastic bins from my morning trip to Walmart topped of the closet, holding picnic, party, and seasonal supplies. 

The result…a refreshingly organized space that holds nearly 3 times what it originally did. 

I can’t wait for BeachBoy to get home now! He’s going to love it!

What’s next on my list?  Painting this space!